I completed Leadership College in 2021. I then started working full time as a bookkeeper at Hope Family Church. I’m also studying a business and accounting degree currently. Some of my other responsibilities include coordinating our Young Adults Hangouts as well as our annual Serve Day. I love where God has called me to and I thoroughly enjoy using the gifts God has given me to build His church!

Megan Delport

Class of 2021

What is Hope Leadership College?

Hope Leadership College is an intensive, one-year program. It includes lectures on Biblical studies and leadership subjects as well as practical and hands-on training experience. Hope Leadership College also helps students to discover their unique purpose and calling in life.

By the end of the year, students will have grown in their relationship with God, character, leadership, theology and people skills. Our Hope Leadership College certificate confirms that students have been trained in practical ministry and servant leadership at Hope Church George.

Let Hope Leadership College prepare you for your unique destiny.

At Hope Leadership College our mission is to raise and equip once-in-a-generation type leaders. But who is to say that these leaders have to be the ones leading in churches? A leader could be an artist, a business person, a lawyer, a politician, a stay-at-home parent, a social worker, a teacher, etc.

I completed Leadership College in 2018 and I am now part of the Hope Family Church Staff Team, working as an Assistant Pastor. I am getting married in August 2024, then hopefully moving to Windhoek to help with our Hope Family Church location in the capacity of Lead Pastor. Leadership college grew me personally as well as a leader, and I would highly recommend it!

Clinton Kleinbooi

Class of 2018

A typical week at a glance:

Our program runs from 8:30am to 5pm, Tuesday to Thursdays, 11am to 10pm on Fridays and full days on Sundays. There are many instances where students may be required to arrive earlier, or leave later. Students are trained in and serve in different areas of church life such as Kids Church, Youth, Schools Ministry, creative areas, hospitality, community upliftment and outreach programs.  Students also attend our weekly Staff Team meetings, lectures and Bible Studies. We require all our students to be part of our fitness and healthy eating programs as our college has a holistic and self-leadership approach.

Holidays or breaks:

Our program is divided up into four terms, and students receive a one week break at the end of each term to refresh and get ready for the following term. Students also get an opportunity to join our annual outreach to Zambia at an addition cost.

What’s next after the year?

God takes students on an incredible journey throughout the year and often reveals their next season when the time is right. We take time to pray and chat with each student about this. Many students go on to study elsewhere or work and do what God has called them to after completing our Leadership College. Some students who feel called to full-time ministry may choose to study online while joining our Staff Team in volunteer capacities. While expanding their practical training in ministry, they also obtain a qualification in courses like Theology, Marketing, Business, Industrial Psychology, etc.

Leadership College taught me so much! I learnt practical skills, made great friends and was challenged to deepen my walk with God. Today, I’m a full-time staff team member at Hope Family Church George, working with Hope Kids and ARC Southern Africa. Since doing Leadership College, I’ve also completed a diploma in practical ministry.

Michael Schoombee

Class of 2020

What is the application process?

Applicants must be 17-25 years old. There are a number of simple but important steps to follow to complete your application successfully.

STEP 1: 

APPLY – Complete and hand in our Application Form to Hope Church or email it to hello@hopefamily.org

STEP 2: 

SUBMIT VIDEO – Using a Smartphone, please film a 30-second video of yourself explaining why you want to join our Leadership College. Then email your video to us at hello@hopefamily.org

STEP 3: 

You will be contacted by our Leadership College to schedule an interview appointment.

STEP 4: 

You will receive notification whether your application has been successful or not within one week after your interview.

Leadership College 2025

Applications close 31 December 2024
First day: TBC
Last day: TBC

College fees: R6,000 (Needs to be paid in full by January 2025.)
Reference: ‘YourNameLC25’

Subject to change for 2026 enrolment.

What your fees include:

Your Leadership College fees includes all books, study materials, travel and accommodation costs to attend an ARC event in Cape Town.